NASA’s Mars Helicopter going through its final test

NASA to launch it in July 2020, expected to land in February 2021

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NASA’s 2020 Mars rover has a name that suits well to the quality it should be best at – Perseverance.

This Mars Mission is all set to carry the first aircraft to fly on another planet other than Earth. The experimental helicopter recently went on a test ride on Earth for the last time before its grand launch in July.

Perseverance Rover

The renowned Mars Helicopter is scheduled to be launched in July with NASA’s new Mars rover that is named Perseverance. The helicopter is an add-on project to the initially planned Mars 2020 mission. Due to the ongoing closures regarding the spread of COVID-19, there has been a significant delay in some of the operations. However, NASA is trying its best to not push this deadline further and launch the mission as per the initial plan in July.

At the Kennedy Space Centre of NASA in Florida, several components of this mission are undergoing their final prelaunch tests. The cruise stage vehicle, which is one among the components that have received a positive test result, will be able to confirm the machine’s mass properties. According to the recent tests conducted on the helicopter, it reached 50 rotations per minute. This testing airlock was the final one before it is set to be launched to Mars. Hopefully, if everything goes well these blades will next spin on the Mars in 2021 after this mission touches down in February.

The big launch in July 2020 – and why it should be done?

NASA is putting its best foot forward to execute this launch despite the Coronavirus spread that has closed down a lot of its offices. Due to a tricky placement and alignment between Mars and Earth, NASA will have to make this launch in July or wait until the next two years to do so.

The entire world will be glued to their screens when NASA will be launch this mission, and who knows it could be the first good thing that we hear about after the panic of COVID-19. Eagerly looking forward to this!

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