Losing his Parents as a Child, Village Boy in Kenya Builds Healthcare Clinic

mama clinic

Image Source: upworthy.com

Jack Hisard lost both his parents at a young age to treatable diseases because his village had limited access to healthcare facilities. His father died due to malaria, considered a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) in his village in Kenya. As per figures, more than one billion people in over 149 tropical and sub-tropical countries succumb to NTDs. Jack’s family faced severe financial constraints after his father passed away. Unfortunately, his mother too died two years later.

In order to feed his siblings and fund his education, Jack took up fishing in Lake Victoria as a profession. He always believed that education will turn around his life and maintained a top rank in his school through dedication and hard work. Remaining undaunted despite hardships, he graduated high school, securing scholarships to ease his education.

Meanwhile, in college, he dreamt of providing healthcare services in rural areas like his hometown. To turn this dream into reality, he found ‘Mama Clinic,’ which provides outpatient, inpatient, and free maternal and healthcare services to the people in rural Kenya. This organization started in 2012 and has served over 40,000 patients. Jack has also established partnerships with national hospitals to transfer severely ill patients for more specialized care.

Jack translated his philanthropic dream into reality to make sure no other child endures what he did. Don’t you think that the world needs more compassionate people like him?

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