KFC showcases contactless outlet in Moscow, Russia

In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become a norm to ensure that the spread of the virus is curbed. This has massively changed the way businesses across the world are functioning.

One industry that has quickly adapted to making things safer for its customers is the restaurant and the food business. Contactless delivery, cleanliness, and hygiene is now practiced across all major restaurants.

Now, the fast food chain KFC has now gone a step ahead in ensuring that customers have minimal contact with employees at their outlet.

KFC recently showcased its brand new, automated outlet in Moscow, Russia, which is being dubbed ‘A restaurant of the future.’

And how is this different from other KFC outlets?

After the food is prepared in the kitchen, a robust robot puts the food into the food delivery box and places it on the counter from where the customer can collect it. Once the customer keys in the correct code, the counter opens and the box can, subsequently, be picked and opened by the customer.

To pay for the order, the customers can use either bank cards or a biometric system once they have registered.

The process to place the order is also does not involve any contact with others – customers can place the order themselves with the help of touchscreens in the store.

We believe going contactless is the future of the food industry. Do you agree? What are your views on these automated outlets? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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