Japan Gets a Poop Museum!

Japan has Added a New Attraction--the Museum of Poop!

One can click interesting photos amid a display of colorful poop in un’sta-genic, a photo booth at Unko Museum. Photo courtesy: Unko Museum

Japan has added a new attraction to its list of must visit destinations. The museum of poop! Yes, you read it right. The Unko Museum or the museum of poop (Unko means poop in Japanese) is in Yokohama, in Kanagawa prefecture. And, it is drawing hordes of visitors every day.

The poop museum is an attraction for both kids and adults alike.  The idea behind this museum is to set poop as a means of entertainment rather than something disgusting. Still can’t get your head around how poop can be fun?

Well, for one, the poop featured here is very colorful and fun. And its inspired from the emoji and not the actual thing. So, rid yourself of the visions that you might be getting at the mention of ‘poop’, and enjoy the colorful and ‘cute’ version of it here.

“We believe that setting poo as entertainment, not a museum, is the first in the world,” a representative for the Unko Museum told CNN Travel.

“There is no dirty brown poop in Unko Museum. It’s all colorful, cute and pop design poop.”

Besides featuring cute pastel colored poop, the Unko Museum also has its own mascot ‘Unberuto,’ which is a walking poop pile that carries around its own toilet.

Now that would be fun to watch!

The Unko Museum is divided into three sections—un’teractive, un’sta-genic and un’telligence. The sections un’teractive and un’telligence are for kids, wherein they can play interactive poop-themed games. And, un’sta-genic is a photo booth where one can click pictures amid a display of colorful poop. Wouldn’t that be Instagram worthy?

The poop museum is a pop-up museum which opened on March 15 this year and is slated to be open till July 15. So, what are you waiting for? Time to make a trip to Japan to see this ‘untertaining’ wonder for yourself.

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