Indian PM Narendra Modi Asks For Suggestions From Civilians For Independence Day Speech

PM Narendra Modi

Source: PTI

India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15 and there are many things to look forward to on this 73rd Independence Day.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi put up a post on his official Twitter handle asking for suggestions from the general public for his Independence Day Speech.

Narendra Modi has been elected as a Prime Minister for his second consecutive term in 2019. Through his official Twitter handle, he said, “I am delighted to invite you all to share your valuable inputs for my speech on 15th August.”

A nation is truly democratic when its people have a voice that is heard and the freedom of speech. PM Modi, through this step, has allowed people to share their thoughts and concerns among the other 130 crore Indians. Thousands of Indians from across the length and breadth of the nations are replying to the post on Twitter. Further, an open forum on the NaMo App has been created for the convenience of the public.

Indian citizens can share their suggestions on topics like saving water, population control, education rights and job opportunities.

Here are a few responses to the post:

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