Indian Government initiating Pink Letterboxes to fight women harassment

The pink letter box on which is written 'Complaint box' in Hindi. Image Source:

After implementing anti-Romeo squads, police officials in the north Indian city of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh in India have decided to install pink letterboxes at schools and colleges for women and young girls to fight harassment. Through this initiative, women will be able to anonymously drop their complaints against harassers without revealing their identities. The local station officer will have the key to the letterbox and will collect all the complaints every second day.

Nearly 700 schools and colleges in the rural areas and approximately 200 schools in the city will get pink letterboxes. The installation of letterboxes takes place on the basis of the frequency of complaints in the past. “It is a good initiative and there is no harm in implementing it. But before doing so we will study it,” the Senior Superintendent of Police said.

The Uttar Pradesh government started the anti-Romeo squads in May 2017 to reduce the complaints related to harassment and molestation. Officials wearing a pink jacket with fluorescent strips conduct regular patrolling near schools and colleges to deter harassers.

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