India signs S-400 deal with Russia despite US opposition


India has boosted it’s ties with Russia to sign a $5bn deal of S-400 air defense missile. USA has threatened to impose sanction against India in context of this deal. Delhi has sidelined Washington concern over security pact with Moscow.  

USA has put several Russian firms under sanctions. The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (Caatsa) was introduced in 2017 to target Russia, Iran and North Korea with economic and political sanctions.

The S-400 is one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air defense system in the world. India’s neighbor China has already S-400 missile defense system. 

This deals come to effect on the eve of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to New Delhi for annual summit with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Despite it’s closeness with USA and Western countries, Russia is, still, the biggest military and defense equipment supplier to India. Russian arms and defense equipment keep almost 62 percent equity in Indian armory system.    

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