One-Third of New Cars Sold in Norway in 2018 are Electric

One-third of new cars sold in Norway in 2018 are electric

Norway set a record for the sale of electric cars, with around 31.2 per cent of all new cars sold being electric ones. This was a dramatic increase from 20.8 per cent in 2017 and a mere 5.5 per cent in 2013. This new number makes Norway the undisputed leader in sales of such cars per head of population.

This Scandivanian nation has been a pioneer in turning itself into a greener economy. It aims to end sales of fossil-fueled vehicles and for all of its cars to have zero emissions by 2025. To reach these green goals, the government also incentivizes battery-car drivers – they are given perquisites such as free parking and charging points. These cars are also exempt from a large number of taxes.

Do you think other nations should give out such incentives to people to encourage the sales of electric cars? Do let us know!

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