How to detoxify your domiciliary air?

Indian environmental activist, Kamal Meattle, addressing the need of the hour amid the soaring pollution in New Delhi, has discussed a method of growing fresh air in your house by means of simple processes. Growing fresh air and breathing it is taking a step forward to your own well-being and health, as he puts it. Meattle shows us two simple ways to rid our domestic air of toxins and they are:

De-clutter your home:

He asks to eliminate things that we don’t need in our bedroom, decluttering it while going to sleep. This move will slash the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) of your house and promote healthy air.

Grow the right plants:

To tackle the unhealthy pollution levels, he endorses the usage of technology such as Hepa filters besides using the right plants in your house. He believes that plants play a massive role in reducing volatile chemicals in the air. He even names a few plants – Areca Palm, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, and Money Plant – that can ensure good quality air in your house. The amazing part is that his prescribed methods are all cost-effective. 

Watch the video for more information.

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