Geologist in Brazil Finds Rock That Bears Resemblance to Cookie Monster from ‘Sesame Street’

Image Source: Mike Bowers

The world is such a mystical place that no matter how deeply we explore it, there will still be things that take us by surprise.

A geologist in Brazil has found a rock that when split in half bears a striking resemblance to the Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.”

The rock is a blue agate, which looked like a grey egg when it was not broken. However, when split into two halves, it looks like a very happy Cookie Monster.

According to American geologist Mike Bowers, the current owner of the rock, this unusual rock was found by Lucas Fassari in November in the Brazil region of Rio Grande do Sul. Bowers posted a photo of this rock on his Facebook page, and it has gone viral since.

“I think this is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there,” Bowers said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “I have seen others, but here you have it complete (both sides).”

While there is no information on whether Bowers plans to sell this rare rock, he has admitted that he has been offered close to $10,000 for selling it by five different buyers.

Doesn’t this rock show that the world is a fascinating place? How do you like this stone? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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