‘Free Unlimited Supercharging’ Back For Tesla Model S & Model X

Source: TechCrunch

In a tweet, Tesla recently announced that all its Model S and Model X models will come with unlimited free supercharging. The buyers of these models will get access to their electric vehicle chargers known as superchargers. Model S and Model X cars are now capable of providing provide 200 kW of power and handling V2 Superchargers.

There are no further details on this offer but according to a company spokesperson, there is no fixed timeframe for this deal. In mid-2017, Tesla came up with this “Free Unlimited Supercharging” perk for buying Tesla cars. But the deal soon halted and was not functional for a long period of time.

The “Free Unlimited Supercharging” perk is likely to increase the sales of Tesla’s old and highly-priced S and X models. In the second quarter, Tesla delivered 95,200 electric vehicles and gained $6.3 billion in revenue, most of which was generated from Model 3 models.

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