#FlashbackWeekend: Positive News From This Week

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Wouldn’t it be great to end your week with some great and positive news from the past week? Newsum brings to you a brilliant set of positive news from this past week.

Read on for 7 positive pieces of news from 7 days of this week.

Scientists closer to successfully treating Ebola Virus

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), scientists are one step closer to finding a cure to the deadly Ebola virus. They have found two potential drugs that have shown survival rates as good as 90 per cent, provided that patients are treated early. Read full news here.

Stephanie Frappart Becomes First Woman to Officiate Men’s European Match

French football referee Stephanie Frappart created history on 14th August when she became the first woman to officiate in a major men’s European match. She was the lead official in the Liverpool vs. Chelsea UEFA Super Cup match in Istanbul, Turkey that Liverpool eventually won. Read full news here.

Tickets for Friends 25th – ‘The One With The Anniversary’ – out from August 16

Friends 25th: The One With The Anniversary” will reunite the leading actors of the show Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross. Each screening will also include unseen behind the scenes footage. The tickets for the show will be available post-August 16 at www.FathomEvents.com. Read full news here.

#5YearOldSelfie: Initiative to improve self-love!

Young Minds, a U.K based charity working towards children and young people’s mental health, has begun a new initiative on Twitter to help people love themselves more. And this is called #5YearOldSelfie! Read full news here.

Metallica Donates 250,000 Euros to Children’s Cancer Hospital

The band donated 250,000 euros to the construction of the first private children’s hospital in Romania. This donation came ahead of the band’s sold-out concert held in the National Arena in Bucharest on 14th August. Read full news here.

HarmonyOS: Huawei first own operating system

Huawei, a famous Chinese telecom, announced the unveiling of its own operating system in Dongguan, China. HarmonyOS or HongMeng (Chinese) is a distributed operating system that allows application developers to create their applications and easily deploy them across devices. Read full news here.

Barack Obama shares 2019 Summer Reading List

Barack Obama is not just a great statesman, he is also a prolific reader. But, what is interesting is that he encourages the culture of reading and urges readers to read more. Recently, he shared on social media his ‘Summer Reading 2019’ list of around a dozen books followed by a wonderful message that read “It’s August, so I wanted to let you know about a few books. Read full news here.

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