#FlashbackWeekend: Positive News from this week

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Newsum brings to you a brilliant set of positive news from this past week.

Read on for 7 positive pieces of news from 7 days of this week.

9th August is ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’

9th August is observed by the United Nations as the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. It is celebrated on 9th August to mark the first meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations of the sub-commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, which was held in 1982. Read full news here.

‘Free Unlimited Supercharging’ Back For Tesla Model S & Model X

Tesla recently announced that all its Model S and Model X models will come with unlimited free supercharging. The buyers of these models will get access to their electric vehicle chargers known as superchargers. Model S and Model X cars are now capable of providing provide 200 kW of power and handling V2 Superchargers. Read full news here.

Get Your Amazon Orders in 30 Minutes Through Prime Air Drone Delivery

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon, after launching a one-day delivery option for Prime users, is now slowly but steadily working towards a 30-minute delivery using its Prime Air drone design. Prime Air Service is already operational in few parts of Europe but it’s yet to begin in the United States. Read full news here.

Remembering the acclaimed writer Toni Morrison

Widely popular and renowned for her works on slavery and African-Americans, Morrison has been a literary giant in modern American literature. She was considered a champion for the repressed minorities and apart from a writer, was an educator and editor. Read full news here.

#5YearOldSelfie: Initiative to improve self-love!

Young Minds, a U.K based charity working towards children and young people’s mental health, has begun a new initiative on Twitter to help people love themselves more. And this is called #5YearOldSelfie! To be a part of this initiative, all you have to do is find a photo of yourself when you were younger, post it on Twitter, and write three things that you’d say to your younger self. Young Minds, then, asks us to remember these things when we are unkind to ourselves. Read full news here.

Snowball Planets Might Harvest Life

Snowball planets can harbour a better life than we thought. The traces of habitable lands at few frozen lands indicate that there might be life possible at these unknown lands. According to the research by scientists, extraterrestrial life might be possible on such icy lands. Read full news here.

Harry Maguire becomes world’s most expensive defender

England centre-back Harry Maguire has become the most expensive defender recently when Manchester United signed him for a record 80 million pounds from Leicester City. Maguire has signed a six-year contract with Manchester United, with an option for an extension of a period of 12 months. Read full news here.

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