Ecosia: Green search engine plants 100 million trees!

Ecosia, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a green search engine. It works in a very interesting manner – it uses the profit that it makes to make the world a better and a greener place. And what does that mean? Ecosia uses all the profits from user searches to plant trees where they are most needed!

And recently, Ecosia hit a massive milestone. It successfully planted 100 million trees across the world. This would help remove around 1771 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

For an organization that was founded just over a decade back in December 2009, isn’t this a remarkable feat?

And Ecosia is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable companies in the world. Don’t believe us? Look at all the work it has done in the past few years.

In 2018, the founder and CEO of Ecosia, Christian Kroll made two legally binding and irreversible commitments to reinforce Ecosia’s commitment towards the environment.

  1. Shares can’t be sold at a profit or owned by people outside of the company.
  2. No profits can be taken out of the company.

In 2018, Ecosia also built its first solar power plant, and now, the organization produces twice the amount of renewable energy needed to power all its searches.

It has also helped plant trees in Brazil, where forest fires ravaged the Amazon, and Australia, where the bushfires devastated wildlife and flora. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, the search engine also started its first urban tree project to plant native species around a dozen hospitals to create a salubrious working atmosphere for healthcare workers who have been under immense mental and physical stress.

Ecosia also ensures that it publishes its monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts so that users are aware of where the funds are being used. Apart from this, Ecosia respects user privacy: unlike most other search engines, Ecosia commits to not selling data to advertisers and it does not have any third-party trackers.

To learn more about Ecosia and to begin using it, click here.

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