Chinese Community Worldwide Celebrates Year of the Pig

Chinese community worldwide celebrates Year of the Pig

The Chinese New Year officially begins on the 5th of February and ends on 19th next year. This year is celebrated as the Year of the Pig, marking the end of the year of the Dog. The pig is considered a symbol of enthusiasm, good fortune, wealth, and optimism.

This is a celebratory time in China and for the Chinese community across the world, with most people spending time with their families and exchanging gifts. The celebrations start off a fortnight before this auspicious day. The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is celebrated with fireworks, great food, and red lanterns.

Here are some pictures of celebrations from across the world.

The Opera House in Sydney turned red to mark the Chinese New Year.

Image Source: EPA

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Children posing in front of an installation of a pig in Hong Kong

Image Source: AFP/GETTY

Dancers performing a dance in Bali, Indonesia to mark the New Year.

Image Source: EPA


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