Celebrities who have opened up about mental health issues

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Mental health has, for long, been considered taboo across the world. However, times are changing and today, we have many people from across all spheres opening up about their battles with mental health conditions.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, let’s have a look at a few celebrities that have battled depression and have opened up about it.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga needs little introduction. One of the best-selling music artists, Lady Gaga has been the recipient of numerous awards that include an Academy Award and nine Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga has also been vocal about her fight with depression. By means of her charity, Born This Way Foundation, she works to improve the mental health of teenagers.

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Here is what she has said about depression and mental health:

“Talking about mental health is one of the bravest things a person can do. It’s brave to ask for help, to find a way to reach out through the pain and the fear and – all too often – the shame that you’ve been taught to feel. And it’s brave to see someone who’s hurting and to resist the urge to look away, to find the confidence and the words to be there for another human when need they need it the most.”

“I want to be brave – and I want you to be brave with me. I want us to be truthful about our own experiences with mental health, and I want us to be there for the people in our lives who are struggling. It’s the only way we’ll know that we’re not alone, and it’s the only way that things will get better. But being brave isn’t something that you just find the will to do one day, it’s something that you learn and practice. It’s a skill that can be taught and that we can integrate into our own lives.”

Deepika Padukone

One of India’s most popular actresses, Deepika Padukone has been vocal about her fight with depression and anxiety. In an interview, Deepika expressed why she wanted to speak out about mental health. She said, “It was extremely liberating. It was my way of saying, “Look who this is who I am. I didn’t think of the consequences at that point. I wanted people to know my truth. Now, not a single day goes by that people aren’t comfortable to talk to me about their mental health. And I give them my times. There’s nothing more important than that, to listen. That in itself is an achievement for me and for the cause. That was really my motivation, to have people talk about mental health, the way we talk about our physical health.”

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The actress instituted The Live Love Laugh Foundation to help people that deal with mental health issues. The foundation seeks to create awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, along with promoting research in the area of mental health in India.

Sophie Turner

Game of Throne star Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark on the show, has also recently spoken up about her struggle with depression.

“The biggest challenge I’ve had, and I’ve had it for the longest out of all my mental health problems, is my depression,” she said. “I’ve suffered with depression for about five or six years now, and the biggest challenge for me is just getting out of bed, getting out of the house and learning to love yourself.”

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However, Turner believes that therapy and medication have helped her overcoming mental health issues.

Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has spoken about his struggle with depression. He has said that his life was “total chaos” in the two decades following his mother’s death when he was merely 12. However, he has since worked on his mental health.

Today, he also works with various charities to spread awareness about mental health.

Along with Ed Sheeran, the Prince also released a video today to encourage people to seek help to fight such issues.


Celebrities speaking out about such issues definitely helps spread more awareness about mental health and break the stigma associated with such issues. What do you think?

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