Coca-Cola set to sell its first alcoholic drink ever

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In a bid to diversify and add onto the regular pop drinks, Coca-cola will launch its first alcoholic beverage ever in October this year.

Alcoholic soft-drink Lemon-do is set to be launched in Japan in October after a trial run in May 2018 in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island. The canned alcoholic beverages, which contain between 3 and 7 per cent alcohol, will be found in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores, marking Coca-cola’s move into the ‘alcopop’ segment.

The drink takes after a popular local cocktail ‘chu-hai,’ which is made with distilled alcohol called ‘shochu’ along with favouring such as lemon and carbonated water. Likely to stay exclusive to Japan, this product might not be launched in other markets.

Coca-cola has been making attempts to diversify from the soda pop sector, although soda pop forms around 70 per cent of the global beverage sales by volume for the company. Earlier, in 2018, the company bought Costa Coffee, a British cafe chain, for around $5 billion.

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