Barack Obama’s high school basketball jersey sells for $120,000!

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Barack Obama is one of the most loved figures around the world. Each time, his speeches and posts inspire people around the world to be a better version of themselves.

The former President was in news recently for sharing his Summer Reading List for 2019.

And, now, he is in news again. This time, for his old, high school jersey selling for a record price.

Obama’s high school basketball jersey sold for a whopping $120,000! Heritage Auctions conducted the auction and the winning bid was made by a collector of sports artefacts who wished to remain anonymous.

Obama had worn this jersey at Punahou School in Honolulu during his senior year when he played as a member of the 1979 Hawaii State Champion boys’ varsity basketball team.

The jersey was offered by Peter Noble, who was a junior of Obama at Punahou School and himself wore the No. 23 shirt. Noble said that the jersey was being thrown in the trash when he picked it up. It was only much later when he saw an old photo of Obama wearing it that he realized it belonged to the former President.

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