Barack Obama Visits Children’s Hospital as Santa Claus, wins Hearts

The former U.S President Barack Obama has a heart of gold and he proves it again. A picture of Barack Obama dressed as Santa Claus in a children’s hospital is winning the internet. The Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., got lucky as the former U.S President arrived there dressed as Santa Claus to surprise the children. He even carried a bag full of goodies that he distributed among kids. The crowd welcomed him joyously at once he set foot in the hospital.

The video of the was shared in the Twitter handle of the hospital and it owned the internet. There was a cordial post tailored with the video which read, “Thank you @BarackObama for making our patients’ day so much brighter. Your surprise warmed our hallways and put smiles on everyone’s faces! Our patients loved your company…and your gifts.”

Obama even spoke to the parents of those admitted to assuage their pain and put them in good spirits. One can expect such heartwarming gesture only from a man of his repute.

Social media is abuzz with the video which received 6.88 million views thus far. His “kindness” and “swagger” have left a profound impact on millions of hearts.

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