10-Year-Old Cheers Up Stressed Animals by Singing to Them

There is nothing that music can’t do. Music is a language that doesn’t require words; it speaks through emotions. And the 10-year old Nancy proved it, again, by serenading some animals in shelter homes.

The animals in shelter homes, waiting to be adopted, generally feel gloomy and depressed. So the young girl decided to keep them company. She deeply felt for the hapless puppies behind the iron bars. The only way to perk them up, she believed, was to sing to them. Without delaying more, she brought her guitar and began to hum a cheery tune, which put them in good spirit instantly.

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The gutted puppies warmed up to the humankind more after listening to her melodious songs. The kind-hearted Nancy understood that the animals needed some emotional warmth and she sprang into action in whatever little way she could. Her act of compassion soothed the sad canines and the shy ones too came out of their shell.

Nancy’s friendly approach towards them is a heart-warming sight. It was possible for Nancy to be as solicitous to them because she shares the same level of innocence as the canines. Good people are still there in the world, we just need to look around!

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