Want free burgers for a year? Here is your chance!

Image Source: Farmer Boys

California-based restaurant chain Farmer Boys is offering its fans free burgers for an entire year to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

But what is it asking in return?

This awesome chance will be offered to any person that gets a permanent tattoo bearing the name of the restaurant.

The restaurant chain is collaborating with West Hollywood tattoo parlor, The Honorable Society, and Las Vegas’ Rockin’ Ink Tattoo for this offering.

All fans have to do is choose from three permanent colour designs that all bear the name of the famous burger place and a burger. Each of these tattoos will measure 2 inches by 2 inches.

Farmer Boys posted on Instagram that, “Due to the sheer volume of request, not all who send a query will receive an appointment.”

But those of you that are not fond of permanent tattoos also have a chance to win burgers: the chain is also offering free burgers to those who get a temporary tattoo of the brand and share it on social media.

Are you up for this challenge?

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