World’s longest cruise begins from London

Image Source: The Viking Sun set sail from London's Greenwich Pier on August 31. Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images

‘The Viking Sun’ set sail from Greenwich Pier in London on 31st August 2019 in what is the world’s longest cruise.

Launched by Viking Cruises, the ship will undertake a 245-day luxury journey and will aim to set a Guinness Record for becoming the longest continuous passenger cruise. In the process, it will travel across six continents – all except Antarctica, an astounding 51 nations across the world, and 111 ports. Passengers will also stay in 23 cities overnight. But wait! That’s not all. Passengers can also take in guest lectures from experts that include diplomats, archaeologists, and authors!

Little wonder that this cruise is dubbed ‘the Ultimate World Cruise’

The cruise ship will carry 930 travellers and will be back in London on 30th April 2020.

Built in Italy in 2017, The Viking Sun has a multitude of facilities that include swimming pools and a wide variety of restaurants. It also has a library, a spa, and a theatre that features world-class performances.

For passengers aboard the vessel, Christmas Day will be spent in sailing between Costa Rica and Guatemala while New Year’s Eve will be celebrated in New York, USA.

The fares for the cruise start from around $92,990 per person and include meals and a free excursion in each port.

Chairman of Viking, Torstein Hagen said in a statement, “For more than 20 years we have been committed to connecting travelers to culturally immersive experiences that allow them to explore the world in comfort.”

“Our Ultimate World Cruise is the most extensive itinerary available in the industry, nearly double the length of our previous world cruise itineraries. I am pleased to offer such a unique experience for our guests.”

Would this be a fantastic experience? What do you say?

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