Japan Begins Testing for World’s Fastest Bullet Train

Image Source: CNN

Japan has begun testing the world’s fastest bullet train ever, capable of reaching speeds of 400 kilometres per hour. Called the Alfa-X, this version of the Shinkansen train will begin operating around 2030 and will run at a speed of 360 kilometres per hour. This speed will make it the fastest bullet train ever, outpacing China’s Fuxing train, which runs at 350 kilometres per hour and operates between Beijing and Shanghai.

Japan has long been famous for introducing revolutionary and fast-paced modes of travel. The Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan and is renowned across the world. The first of the Shinkansen trains were introduced in 1964 and they have been an epitome of punctuality and reliability.

Features of Alfa-X

Alfa-X stands for ‘Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in Rail EXperimentation.’ To enable it to slow down effectively, this train will have magnetic plates near the rails and air brakes on the roof apart from having the conventional brakes. Also, to facilitate balance and stability, especially on curves, the train will have dampers and air suspension.

Having a sleek nose measuring 22 metres and featuring 10 cars, Alfa-X will be tested between Sendai and Aomori for a period of three years.

In preparation and anticipation for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo, Japan has also been testing other Shinkansen trains, one of which is the Shinkansen N700S that is capable of reaching speeds of 300 kilometres per hour.

Isn’t this absolutely amazing? Do let us know your thoughts on this new, super fast bullet train!

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