This Little Chinese Magician has Earned 1.5 million Followers on Chinese Social Media

Chinese social media is going gaga over a 7-year-old girl, who is a brilliant magician. She shows tricks with eggs and bemuses the onlookers. It is really surprising to see how swiftly she hoodwinks us!

The little girl has garnered a legion of fans and followers already on social media, counting more than 1.5 million! She couples her happy-go-lucky attitude with her enchanting smile to befuddle a curious and head-scratching crowd like a pro. Whatta girl!

The cute and babbling little girl will, with her skills, put your mind and eyes into conflict. Your mind will refuse to believe what your eyes just saw. That’s how she rolls!

We dare you to find any loopholes in her trick! Check out her tricks for yourself!

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