David Beckham ‘Speaks’ in 9 Languages in a Campaign to End Malaria

The ace footballer and former captain of England, David Beckham launched a global campaign to end malaria. The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness about this deadly disease that kills more than one million people across the world today.

Released by the non-profit Malaria Must Die, the campaign is titled ‘Malaria Must Die, So Millions can Live’ and is the first voice petition to end malaria, through which supporters can record their voice urging world leaders to act and commit to programs against this fatal disease.

Beckham starts off the video in which he makes an appeal to end malaria by saying, “Malaria isn’t just any disease. It’s the deadliest disease there’s ever been.”

However, what is interesting about this short video is that he ‘speaks’ in nine languages. Beckham starts off in English but then continues in Spanish, Kinyarwanda, Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Kiswahili, and Yoruba. But no, he hasn’t learned all these languages himself.

The video has been produced by Ridley Scott Associates and R/GA in collaboration with Synthesia, which developed the AI technology that enabled Beckham to appear speaking seamlessly in nine languages. The campaign created a 3D model of the footballer that was reanimated. These voices comprise of men and women from across the world, including survivors of this deadly disease and doctors that have treated it.

David Beckham is a founding member of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council and has been associated with the NGO for over 10 years now.

Have a look at the video yourself and tell us what you think about it.

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