A Modern Take to the Age-Old Stethoscope

Traditionally, stethoscopes have been synonym with doctors. Also, they have not been subject to changes for quite some time now. But, one company from China is about to change that.

They are introducing ‘stemoscope’, an intelligent app based stethoscope that is not just meant for doctors, but for laypersons. And what’s its use? With a stemoscope, you can not only listen to the sound of your body but, as the tagline says, you can ‘listen to the sound of life.’

Modern Stethoscope

From the sound of trees to the heartbeat of animals to a baby in a pregnant mother’s womb, you can hear the sound and rhythm of life that has never been heard before.

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The device is enhanced by an intelligent app available for both iOS and Android. It allows you to discover and record beautiful but hidden sounds that exist around you. The sound recorded can easily be visualised on the app and shared across with friends and family or on social media.

Stemoscope powered by app for Android and iOS

Listen to some of the most amazing sounds recorded with the stemoscope: (Please wear an 🎧 to listen to sound below)

The sound of a child’s heartbeat:

The sound of a puppy’s heartbeat:

The sound of a tree:

Wasn’t that absolutely amazing? Let us know what you think of this project in the comments section below.

To back this project, visit the following Kickstarter URL: https://kck.st/2VxlPIz

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