This Colombian Restaurant Serves Gold-Plated Burgers!!

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Burgers are one of the most popular, delicious, and most eaten foods in the world. You can have them cheap, you can have them expensive, you can have them with more cheese, you can have them with a side of fries – you can basically have them however you want to! Little wonder that a burger is often called the King of Delicacies!!

And now, a restaurant in the Colombian capital of Bogota has revamped a burger like you could have never imagined!

The Toro Mccoy restaurant is now selling a gold-plated burger!!

The burger, called ‘Oro Mccoy’, was launched in November last year and is wrapped delicately in an edible 24-karat gold leaf!

And the restaurant is advertising this fancy burger in a fantastic manner: “A brioche burger bathed in 24-karat Gold with double meat, caramelized bacon, and double cheese,” is what it says.

Maria Paula, the chef at the restaurant, says that placing the gold film on the burger is a difficult task because the film can get damaged if not placed in an appropriate manner.

This luxurious burger is a part of the rebranding campaign of the restaurant that is looking to lure more customers back after the lockdowns due to the coronavirus.

In stark contrast to their conventional burger that is priced at $11, this one is priced steeply at $59.

Doesn’t this burger make you feel that all that glitters is certainly gold!

Would you be interested in tasting such a burger? Let us know in the comments section below!

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