Dutch Designers Slay It with Bold Slogan Dresses at Paris Fashion Week

Dutch designers slay it with bold slogan dresses at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are the much-awaited events that set the tone and trends for the rest of the year. And the recently concluded Paris Fashion Week was no different. Among the numerous designers who showcased their collections at Paris, Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf perhaps managed to outdo them all.

The designers put up a show featuring tulle dresses. Nothing special about that. But what made these dresses stand out was the fact they were each emblazoned with bold, quirky slogans.

Viktor & Rolf managed to surprise people with the bold slogans adorning the dresses. Their grand and voluminous dresses, replete with bows and flounces soon became the hot topic for discussion.

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The dresses seem to speak our lingo. They echo the sentiments that most of us seem to think but are reluctant to voice openly. With slogans like ‘Give a Damn’, ‘Sorry I am late I didn’t want to come’, or the big bold ‘No’ written in red, these dresses might soon become a hit off the ramp as well.

We know that fashion designers are always coming up with new trends and designs. They are always showcasing something new and exciting. But Viktor & Rolf’s slogan dresses are just terrific.

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