What Makes a Man a Man According to Rudyard Kipling

There is a reverberating presence of the famous poem ‘If’ by renowned English journalist, short-story writer, poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling in this video called ‘Invincible’. In this motivating video by RedFrost Motivation, we learn how to be unassuming and resilient to finally emerge as a hero.

The poem is a cascading celebration of manhood. It is valuable and relevant in today’s world because it speaks of bravery, responsibilities, and determination. It tells us how to deal with different situations in life. If you want to succeed and make your life prosperous, you need to meet the below conditions. The poem is a combination of so many ‘If’s, hence the title is appropriate.

Rudyard Kipling was a paragon of wisdom. His craft of poetry is still unmatched. In this poem, ‘If’, he shows the way to look for the light that shines through darkness and suffering. It is said that the key to success is self-confidence and you gain confidence only by preparation. To soar over self-doubt, which is the greatest enemy to success, one should not be afraid of one’s haters.

Arguably, most of our sufferings reside in ourselves. There are inner demons that we need to slay to move forward. Your psyche is like streamflow – you need to sit quietly and listen to it. Even if it is chaotic sometimes, leading you to self-doubt, blaming you for everything, you must never lose trust in yourself.

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There is no easy route to success; it certainly makes you wait. In that process, you must know yourself better, understand yourself, and correct yourself. If you let fear gain a stronghold in your mind, you will not be able to reach where you want to. You can achieve something which you never thought was possible by being uninhibited.

Ironically, people who strive for success have a fear of success too. Their overwhelming dreams jolt their confidence. So, a man should never make his dreams his master, or his thoughts his aim. There will be triumphs and disasters – both of which are imposters and short-lived. You must treat them as one and get going. Have faith in yourself when others doubt you. Your words might be twisted into deceptive lies to confuse the fools. Be brave to hear them all and move ahead. You should introspect about the things you gave your life to and be humble. If you are broken, stand up and build yourself up again with worn-out tools.

Your enemies should not know about your weaknesses. You can gamble all your winnings and lose them to start over again wearing a brave front always.

A man is judged by his humility and stoicism. You should not lose your virtue while talking to a crowd and should abandon pretence while talking to the king. You are a man if you can deal with your friends and foes with equal ease. You need to build a resistance barrier against all hurts and withstand the hatred from others to be a man. The world will be yours if the negatives don’t plague you.

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