Two Florida teachers transform student desks into jeeps to make social distancing fun

Schools in the United States are now beginning to reopen and teachers are gearing up to welcome their students back to their classrooms.

However, the threat of the coronavirus is far from over and many students will certainly fear coming back.

In order to mitigate the fears of students, two teachers from Florida have come up with a very creative idea.

Patricia Dovi, 35, and Kim Martin, 51 of St. Barnabas Episcopal School in Florida spent days redesigning the desks of their students into jeeps! And the adorable and colourful jeeps also have license plates, tires, and headlights!

But that’s not all. These little desks-cum-jeeps are also fitted with three-sided plastic dividers that will keep the children safe by acting as sneeze guards. However, they also double up as windshields.

The teachers did not want to overwhelm their students with the protective gear and, so, decided to make this activity more fun.

Teachers Patricia Dovi, left, and Kim Martin.

“Our school gave us plexiglass tri-folds, which we felt would overwhelm our little ones. So we took the design and turned them into little Jeeps,” Martin told CNN.

But that’s not all! The teachers are also doing a fantastic job of helping the students maintain social distancing.

“We had a little meet-the-teacher session and we gave them keys to their car and told them just like in a motor vehicle, you have to stay in your car at all times and wear a mask when you get out in case you come across hazardous conditions. So we’re playing on this vehicle concept to turn social distancing fun and more kid friendly.”

Clearly, the head of the school is very appreciative of the efforts of the teachers.

“St. Barnabas Episcopal School is blessed to have such collaborative teachers and forward thinking teachers,” Paul Garcia, head of the school, told CNN. “I was truly pleased to hear when the idea to decorate the first graders’ desks as Jeeps was presented to me. This is one example of many examples in which this team of teachers and all of our team search and find ways to make our students learning environment fun and engaging, especially, during this difficult time.”

Aren’t these teachers really making learning fun and interesting? Their stupendous efforts are certainly worth appreciating.

What do you think of these interesting jeeps? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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