Tom Hanks Buys Lunch for Everyone at a Fast-Food Joint!

Tom Hanks buys lunch for everyone at a fast-food joint!

Make way for Burger Santa! Tom Hanks and his wife showed a new way to spread the Christmas cheer by paying for everyone’s lunch in a fast food joint. They have emphasized the fact that Christmas is all about giving and kindness. Of course, those present in the restaurant didn’t see it coming. The 62-years-old Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson surprised everyone when they stopped by a branch of In-N-Out in Fontana, California to indulge in some fast food.

Selfies from the heart-warming event featuring Tom Hanks, his wife, happy customers and staff members circulated across the social media and people could not help showering praise. Not squandering a single minute while he waited for the food, Tom Hanks interacted with fellow customers and staff members in the eatery.

In a Facebook video posted by a fan, Hanks seems to be walking up to the drive through window and buying lunch for the people waiting in the queue.

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