This 5-year-old spent her winter break making 200 New Year’s cards for seniors!

Aryana Chopra. Image Source: Nitin and Shachi Chopra

Aryana Chopra is a 5-year-old kindergartner who lives with her parents in New York. However, this little girl is an example of how great things come in small packages.

Daughter of Nitin Chopra, a doctor in the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus, Aryana understands the importance of quarantining in these times of the pandemic. So, to spread some holiday cheer in these gloomy times, she decided to make New Year’s cards for residents of a nursing home in Vestal, New York who cannot go out to meet their family and friends.

“I got an idea of making cards for the people in the nursing home who can not go out and meet their friends and family because of the coronavirus,” said Aryana.

When her mother, Shachi Chopra saw her daughter putting in all her efforts, she called Willow Point, the local nursing home to check on how many residents live there. And she was told that there were 200 residents!

Shachi went back to her daughter to give her the news. And Aryana, without batting an eyelid and without being daunted, said she would be able to make the cards for all the residents!

So, Aryana spent her entire winter break of two weeks making 200 cards, and all of them are distinct: while some have rainbows, others have snowmen.

But, not one to be content with all the effort she had put in, a relentless Aryana wanted to do more for the residents. So, she broke open her piggy bank and spent all her savings of over an year to buy presents for the residents.

“She wanted to get a cake but the cake was not allowed because of the pandemic,” Shachi said. “So we got a Santa Claus statue and a big vase.”

Aryana with the Santa Claus statue and vase. Image Source: Nitin and Shachi Chopra

The cards and the gift brought tears into the eyes of the residents, who were overwhelmed with the effort such a little girl had put in.

Once the pandemic fades off, she plans to visit the nursing home in person.

“I want to go meet them in the nursing home and see how they feel after seeing my 200 cards,” she said.

Shachi, extremely proud of her daughter, said: “Kids, they think about what do they get in return, but she was like, ‘No, mommy, you know what blessings are, they work wonders. If 200 people are going to bless me, that would be the biggest New Year’s gift for me.'”

Isn’t this benevolent gesture by the little Aryana commendable? What do you think? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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