The Power of Unconditional Love Between a Mother and her Children

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.“- Rumi

A failure is a lesson in disguise, so believes the award-winning actress Sandra Bullock. There is an exquisite profundity in that love which heals every pain. And for Sandra, that love was the love of her children. Sandra, who has a towering personality, has risen above all odds and made her life an example. Now a proud mother of two children, Louis and Laila, Sandra is living life queen-size.

Sandra, like any other woman, was unsure whether she could be a good mom. However, she decided to gave it a try because deep down, she always wanted to be a mother. Sandra fell in love and married the man of her dreams. When she decided to start a family, she found out that she couldn’t conceive naturally. With strong resolve, Sandra and her husband decided to adopt a child. They didn’t look any further when a deadly tropical storm struck Louisiana, convincing Sandra that she was destined to be a mom. She started the adoption process for baby Louis, who was born in New Orleans. Unfortunately, soon after, she had to go through heartbreak as she caught her husband cheating on her with several other women. A despondent Sandra filed for a divorce and there was a strain of self-doubt that engulfed her after the sad split-up.

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However, Sandra continued with the adoption process as a single mother. When she finally held little Louis in her arms in 2010, Sandra experienced a joy that she never had before. She thinks that her son is the only man who stole her heart. She then adopted her second child Laila in 2015. 

Finally, when her life seemed complete, Sandra’s ailing father passed away leaving her heartbroken again. She also mourned the losses of two of her beloved dogs soon after. Her kids then became her life-blood.

Once an unsure Sandra is an adept mom now. She also endorses adoption and donates millions to charity to support people in need.

We need more inspirational and compassionate mothers to lead the way forward. Don’t you think?

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