Superheroes Celebrate as Texas Boy Recovers Miraculously

Superheroes celebrate as Texas boy recovers miraculously

Five-year-old boy Owen Coulter, from Austin, Texas was rushed to the hospital after he was afflicted by a deadly virus days before Christmas. His health progressively worsened and he went unresponsive as his heart stopped. The medical staff at the Dell Children’s Hospital immediately performed CPR in an attempt to resurrect him. Grief-stricken, his mother Kristin Coulter immediately started praying. She told Fox 7, “I cried out for him. I told him to stay with us. I told him I loved him, and I asked God to save him”.

However, Darin Coulter, father of Owen and professionally a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department, gave up on hope. But destiny had better plans. Owen was brought back to life after he was put through an ECMO machine, generally not used on children. His heart began to beat again, ushering his family into bliss.

“He’s our miracle baby,” Darin Coulter added. He further said, “He was the hospital’s Christmas miracle.”

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Gradually, Owen recovered with a wheelchair and a walker as his helpmates. Dell Children’s Emergency Medicine Dr Patrick Ryan told Fox Affiliate that he is really amazed to see the miraculous recovery of Owen. He also added that he hasn’t seen anything as incredible before.

The Texas Community made sure to commemorate Owen’s miraculous recovery extravagantly. They gave baby Owen a well-deserved hero’s send-off from the hospital earlier this month. In the celebration, there were superhero shirts, friends, family and the members of the community to make it out of the ordinary.

Owen still has a long way to go to recover completely. A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds that will help foot the medical bills.

We are praying with our whole heart that Owen recovers really, really soon!

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