New York businessman donates $1 million art collection to Morehouse College

George Wells

Business executive and prominent art collector George Wells, an alumnus of Morehouse College, has donated an art collection worth $1 million to his alma mater.

The art collection, which features eight beautiful pieces, focus on identity politics and racial inequality. Most of the pieces have been created by Black and LQBTQ artists and the collection includes works by a wide range of artists that include McArthur Binion, Rashid Johnson, Amy Sherald, Mickalene Thomas and Ivy Haldeman. The collection is meant to showcase works that focus on cultural identity, as well as social and political critiques.

In donating the art collection, Wells aimed to educate the Morehouse community about the diversity of art.

Wells is the founder of a management consulting company called Wells Groups of New York. It works with start-ups and mid-sized companies in a range of industries such as tech, consumer goods and services, and health care.

“I will always be grateful for my Morehouse education and the springboard it created for my career on Wall Street and in business, and I want to recognize that with this gift,” the 42-year-old Wells said in a statement.

Wells began collecting art along with his husband Manfred Rantner in 2018. Their personal collection now has about 50 pieces of art from both established and emerging artists.

“I would like to thank George Wells and Manfred Rantner for their generosity,” said Monique Dozier, vice president of institutional advancement at Morehouse, in a statement.

“This wonderful contribution from a Morehouse College alumnus celebrates the culture, creativity, intellect, and history of Black people. It also reinforces the importance of investing in the talents of diverse artists. The George Wells Collection will spur academic conversations in our classrooms and be a source of pride for the College, our scholars, alumni, and the Southwest Atlanta community.”

The collection will be displayed in the school in 2021.

Isn’t this an amazing gesture by Wells?

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