Man installs silicone statue of wife after her death

Image Source: The News Minute

It is often said that true love knows no bounds and transcends all barriers, including those of life and death.

And this story of Srinivas Gupta, a well-known industrialist from Koppal, a town in Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India, proves this idea.

Three years ago, Gupta’s wife Madhavi was traveling to Tirupati, a famous shrine in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with her two daughters when tragedy struck. To avoid a speeding truck coming their way, the driver of their car tried to swerve but unfortunately the car rammed into the vehicle. The accident proved fatal as Madhavi succumbed to her injuries. However, her children luckily escaped with minor injuries.

When alive, Madhavi and Srivinas had a dream of owning a house.

And, three years down the line, Gupta fulfilled his and his wife’s dream of owning a bungalow and recently held a housewarming ceremony for his house.

The guests though were surprised to see Madhavi decked in a pink and golden sari with fine jewelry, her hair adorned with flowers, sitting on a sofa in the living room of the house. Her endearing smile never left her face.

And how did this happen?

Gupta wanted his house to have something special dedicated to his wife – he wanted to pay a tribute to his life partner. Mahesh Ranghannanavar, an architect that Gupta met, had a novel idea to help Gupta honour the memory of his late wife. He suggested that Gupta install a wax statue of his wife in their new house.

Gupta was happy with the idea and approached Gombe Mane, a popular toy maker in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. In an year’s time, a life size silicone statue of Madhavi was created.

“The planning for the house was all done by her and we couldn’t imagine entering this new house without her,” said Anusha, Gupta’s daughter.

The photos of the housewarming ceremony were shared on social media and they struck a chord with netizens, with this beautiful act of love tugging at the heartstrings of most of them.

Have a look at the photos yourself.

Isn’t this story heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time? What do you think about this? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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