Karma is the Pillar of Humanity, Believes ‘Banana Man’

Abdulhamed Kharma is an inspiration! This Syrian immigrant is a resident of Brooklyn, NY and he believes that one must give more to receive more. He received side-eyes for his gruelling past but he deals his miseries with a radiant smile.

Abdulhamed now earns a livelihood by selling fruits in the streets of Brooklyn. But there is more than what meets the eye.

Abdulhamed immigrated to NY when he was 14 and he is now 27. With a heavy heart, he recalls how he fled the Syrian war-torn environment. He went from Syria to Turkey, then to Egypt and then finally reached NY after he met the documental requisites. However, he does not let his past weigh upon his today and his future. He is happy every single minute and is always looking to spread his happiness.

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The kids love him because he knows how to gladden them with a banana and a smile. On their way to school, they pause to greet their favourite ‘Banana man,’ leaving him overwhelmed with joy. Abdulhamed recalls that his mother always offered him a banana when he cried in his childhood. Thus, he thinks that a banana is a quick-fix answer to soothe a child. How simple and beguiling!

He believes in giving more to receive more. His charming ways to greet customers is a sight to watch. What is wonderful is that his smile is reciprocated with beautiful gifts. One of his regular customers gave him a pair of gloves as a Christmas present!

Abdulhamed, a brave-heart, focusses on creating a beautiful today rather than dwelling on his past. Don’t you think that is the right way to live? The present is all we have, and we must make it beautiful!

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