It is Only Hope that Makes Life Worth Living

“There is no Love of Life without the Despair of Life.”- Albert Camus 

As a kid, Brock Johnson cried over the loss of his brothers. He was scared of darkness and looked forward to Christmas and the holiday season because everything was bright and joyous then. He adored the fairy lights that dispelled the gloom.

Brock and his mother were gifts to each other because they shared common grief. The occurrence of infant mortality in their family resulted in the deaths of his two brothers. Both Brock and his mom missed them dearly. However, they sought strength from each other in the difficult times.

Unfortunately, life kept throwing curve balls at them. Brock started feeling a strange numbness in his limbs and his left hand became weaker than the right one. He fell down from the stairs in an unconscious state when he started to run to keep his blood circulation going. Doctors said that this condition led people to die between 25 and 30 years.

His mother too was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time, adding to their woes. She had to go through Mastectomy where doctors removed both of her breasts. Sadly, Brock’s surgery too coincided with hers where his bones were to be broken and the pectoral muscles were to be cut-off for a complete reformation. His mother was more worried for him but they fought back the miseries together bravely.

What is wonderful was that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Both Brock and his mother recovered from their ailments. Their lives came back on track and the next Christmas seemed merrier.

This video proves that time is a great therapist. We rise to our highest potential when there is luminous hope amidst the darkness. Everything becomes all right, after all. What we must do is not give up and just keep going. Brock’s story is a testimony to the fact that tough times don’t last, but tough people certainly do.

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