IKEA to Help Curb Air Pollution in India

IKEA’s Decision to Turn Rice Straw into Furniture will Help the Environment as well as the Farmers.

Ikea store in India.

Ikea has come forth with a unique and eco-friendly solution to help combat air pollution in India. Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/IKEAIndia/

Ikea has put forth a plan to help fix India’s air pollution woes. In an initiative called ‘Better Air Now,’ the Swedish furniture giant announced its decision to make furniture out of the agricultural waste that farmers burn every year. The burning of unwanted rice straw is the primary reason for the thick smog that envelopes much of northern India during the winters, making the air unbreathable and toxic. Ikea’s decision to turn rice straw into furniture will also benefit the farmers because instead of burning it, they can make money out of it by selling it to Ikea. The furniture may hit the markets by 2020.

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