Hong Kong’s Richest Man To Pay Tuition Fees For An Entire Class


The greatest pleasure is in giving, not in receiving

Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, is a living example of this adage. He announced recently that he would be covering the full tuition fee for the incoming college students of Shantou University for a period of five years.

This rich man, turns out, has a richer heart! He has pledged to fund the students’ education and is expected to pay around $14 million every year for the next four to five years to cover the full cost of all undergraduate students.

According to Forbes, Shing, who turned 90, is worth $30.4 billion. He has also been handling the university’s development through various multi-million dollar grants.

The Li Ka-Shing Foundation has taken up this initiative to help families and students with their education. They hope that this scheme can alleviate the financial burdens for families and encourage the pursuit of personal interests and further learning amongst the students. This would eventually lead to prepare the graduates for better challenges in a seemingly complex global economy.

Li Ka-Shing Foundation

Li Ka-Shing Foundation is very well renowned for philanthropy and donation to various health-care organisations across China. It has donated over $3.2 billion to charity.

Earlier in the year, American billionaire Robert F. Smith pledged to donate over $40 million dollars to wipe out the student loan debts of an entire class of graduates and showed that kindness has no bounds.

The Shantou University currently has 10,056 undergraduates who are each supposed to pay $8,690 as tuition fee. Thanks to Li Ka-Shing, all of them get an opportunity to finish their education without the burden of a loan.

We hope to see more of these kind gestures in the coming future!

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