Greece Grants Citizenship to Three Migrants for their Wildfire Rescue

Greece grants citizenship to three migrants for their wildfire rescue

In a strong message to counter anti-immigrant attitudes, Greece granted citizenship to three migrants for their valiant efforts in rescuing dozens of people from a summer wildfire that occurred in 2018.

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos hosted a ceremony to honour and formally announce citizenship for Gani Xheka, 35, from Albania and Egyptians Emad El Khaimi, 50, and Mahmoud Ibrahim Musa, 46. These three migrant fishermen bravely pulled out from the water people who had fled the seaside resort of Mati near Athens and ran into the sea to save themselves from the wildfire. Further, they directed the survivors to a port. This untoward incident killed close to 100 people

Don’t you think that this is a very well-deserved honour for these three migrants who are the epitome of self-sacrifice? Shouldn’t other nations follow suit?



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