Former White House Chef Wins Lottery, Decides to Feed the Homeless with the Winnings

Roberto Mendoza

Roberto Mendoza has had an acclaimed career as a chef in the White House. He had his work praised by US Presidents such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Donald Trump and other A-list celebrities. His list of achievements does not end there. Mendoza has also served as a chef for the Academy Awards.

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Ever since Mendoza left the White House, he started managing a restaurant where he cooks for the homeless in Charlotte, California. Recently, his mother came visiting him to the U.S from Guatemala. And this is when she had a gut feeling that he would win the lottery. Though Mendoza himself is not a huge fan of lotteries and gambling, he trusted his mother’s instinct. And boy, did he do the right thing!

Mendoza won the lottery, gaining a whopping $176,876 after deducing the taxes from a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket.

And he has decided to do some great work with the money. He will use the money to finish a half-built kitchen meant to feed the homeless in the Dominican Republic and feed thousands of homeless communities.

Mendoza indulged in philanthropic activities ever since he retired from the White House. He bought the village property for the kitchen three years ago as part of his foundation’s work to feed the have-nots. Mendoza revealed that his foundation feeds more than 300 children. Further, he wants to make sure that no one goes hungry. He vowed to do whatever it takes to serve the have-nots and God showed him the way!

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