Football club AS Roma does its bit to combat coronavirus

The elderly fans of the football club AS Roma are receiving food and medical packages from the club. Image Source: CNN

These are dark and grim times. But, the various stories of kindness across the world are certainly bringing in joy in such times.

Philanthropists across the world are donating huge amount of medical supplies and money, scientists and virologists are working overtime to find a solution to this virus, and the common men are doing all they can to help others.

In these times, the Italian football club based out of Rome, AS Roma is doing all it can to help its nation recover from this painful and devastating time.

Earlier, it collected more than its target of 500,000 euros in a fundraiser to combat the effects of the coronavirus. Further, its players donated one day’s salary towards tackling the COVID-19 crisis. From this amount, it announced that it would purchase three ventilators and eight intensive care beds for a hospital in Rome. It has also delivered over 20,000 masks to hospitals across the capital of Italy, Rome.

Unfortunately, Italy is the one nation in the world that is worst hit by the virus, with over 10,000 deaths. Also, the entire country is under a lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus. This has left many of the elderly citizens stranded with no means to venture out, resulting in their isolation and seclusion.

Bringing much relief to the elderly, AS Roma has now begun delivering ‘Roma Cares’ packages to all of its season ticket holders that are over the age of 75. And what do these boxes contain? They contain some food items such as pasta, biscuits, and a bottle of beer. However, apart from food, the packages also contain medical supplies such as surgical masks and gloves for the elderly to protect themselves.

One of its fans, Barbara Borelli sent a message to the club after her father received a package from the club, “Today this package arrived and my dad, who cannot do it directly, asked me to thank you, and the guys who carried the package, from the bottom of my heart. We feel like a big family.”

Very endearingly, Roma also send across a special surprise package for its oldest season ticket holder, a 97-year-old man called Eliseo Lorenzetti: a shirt personally autographed by star striker Eden Dzeko.

Further, the club today announced that once football returns to normalcy, it will dedicate its first home match to celebrating the work done by medical professionals and workers that have been at the forefront of this battle against the coronavirus.

We do hope and pray that things return to normal and that the world is free of the coronavirus very soon. Till then, stay safe and stay home!

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