Customer drops $3,000 tip for restaurant staff on $7 bill

Image Source: Brendan Ring

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for quite a few businesses across the world; however, the hospitality sector has been one of the worst-hit, with most restaurants closing down because of lack of customers. In such a scenario, a single act of generosity can really brighten up the lives of employees in a restaurant.

Read on for exactly one such story.

A restaurant in Ohio in Cleveland in the United States got a wonderful holiday surprise for a very generous customer recently.

Brendan Ring, the owner of the local restaurant Nighttown, was planning to voluntarily shut his restaurant until January next year owing to the high number of COVID-19 cases in the town.

On the last day before they were due to shut down, a semi-regular customer ordered for a pint of Stella beer and then ordered for his check. He then brought the bill to Ring’s table, wished him a happy holiday season, and asked to share the tip with the staff.

“He said, “Good luck to you guys and we’ll see you when you reopen,”‘ Ring said.

Ring was shocked when he saw that the customer had paid an astounding $3,000 as tip on his bill of a mere $7. At first glance, Ring thought that the number was $300 but when he put his glasses, he realized that he had read one zero less.

Ring ran out on the street to the customer to check whether he had made a mistake.

“He said, “No, that’s what I intended. Share it with the staff, good luck to you guys, Merry Christmas and we’ll see you when you come back.”‘

There were four servers in the restaurant and, thanks to the generosity of the customer, each of them received a $750 tip, an act that would certainly brighten up their holiday season!

Ring also put up this story on his Facebook page, also adding that the philanthropist did not want to be named.

“We’re all so desperate for uplifting news, if this was a normal year, yeah, this would be a good story, but it’s a great story because of the year we’re in,” Ring said. “The outpouring of love for this story has been universal.”

Isn’t this just a commendable act by the customer? Do you agree? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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