Chilean nurse plays violin for COVID-19 patients to soothe them

Image Source: Fox News

While the coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc across the world, the healthcare workers and the medical fraternity is relentlessly fighting at the forefront of this battle, saving millions of lives and ensuring the well being of the entire community.

However, apart from performing their regular duties, many healthcare workers are going above and beyond their duties to help patients recover sooner and to bring the much needed joy and cheer among patients.

And, Damaris Silva, a nurse from Chile, is an epitome of selflessness and love.

26-year-old Damaris works at Hospital El Pino in the capital Santiago’s southern La Pintana neighbourhood. Needless to say, she has extremely busy days at the hospital, with many patients to attend to and take care of.

However, after completing her shift at 6pm, she picks up her violin and comes back to walk into the corridors and wards of the hospital to serenade the patients and her colleagues with some soulful music.

She plays a mix of some popular Latin songs, bringing about much happiness to her tired and unwell patients and her overworked and exhausted coworkers.

“As soon as I walk in the patients brighten, they seem happier; they smile and applaud,” she told Reuters.

Her aim is, she says, to “give a little bit of love, of faith, of hope with my violin. Every time I do it, I do it from my heart.”

Isn’t this a fantastic attempt to lift the spirits of the desolate and gloomy? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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