A Pop-Up Bar in Tokyo Gives a Panoramic View of Trash, Meh.

Out-of-the-box thinking taken too far? A pop-up bar has opened in Tokyo that offers the locals a panoramic of the city’s garbage! You heard it right, of garbage. The pop-up bar, called Gomi (filth) has opened on a local waste facility and an incinerator. This is certainly a pretty unusual place for knocking back a few drinks and letting your hair down. But wait, this idea is also pretty laudable because it gives the locals a disturbing and grim reminder of the amount of garbage they produce.

Excited, youngsters are seen clicking selfies with the mechanical claw of a crane stuffed with trash. This is in stark contrast to other bars, where several dozens of people enjoy a stately atmosphere. In this one though, the glass window ahead of them overlooks a deep pit piled up with filth. A gigantic crane descends into the pit every few minutes to raise some detritus to release it in the incinerator for burning.

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The locals are happy that it is raising awareness among the young generation about the foul impact of waste. It also shows them that some garbage, which can’t be burned at all, goes for piling again somewhere else, putting the environment at risk!


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