99-year-old war veteran raises 4 million pounds for NHS!

Image Source: Twitter

The power of human spirit, determination, and resilience can overcome all obstacles. And here is a story that will reinforce this fact.

Tom Moore is a 99-year old war veteran who will celebrate his centennial birthday on 30th April. Currently residing in Yorkshire, north England, Moore wanted to raise funds for the National Health Service (NHS) – the UK government funded medical and health care service for the outstanding work that they are doing to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom.

He had a unique idea – he would walk 10 laps of his garden each day and his original plan was to raise 1,000 pounds.

He would donate the money raised for NHS Charities Together, which raises funds for UK hospitals, including for staff, volunteers and patients impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

However, in a mere 24 hours, he surpassed that target and has since, collected over a whopping 4 million pounds, with donations continuing to pour in!

The determination that Moore has shown in completing his task possibly comes from the way he has led his life. A civil engineer by profession, Moore enlisted in the British Army and served in locations such as India and Indonesia during the second World War.

He recently had a hip replacement surgery and had been exercising regularly since to keep fit and healthy. This was when his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore suggested to her father than he should walk everyday and raise funds for the NHS.

However, Moore’s entire family is rooting for him and helping his complete this task. His grandson Benji even set up a Twitter account for his grandfather, which has now amassed 45,000 followers! His followers keep getting regular updates about the donations and the progress on Moore’s initiative.

One recent update on his account gave this wonderful message:

The icing on the cake is that there are several campaigns now that are encouraging people to send in cards to Moore for his 100th birthday and children across the country have been making beautiful ones to send to Moore.

Isn’t this just a wonderful example of how age is just a number and that if you have the determination, nothing is impossible!

A big salute to Moore from us! And we wish him a fantastic 100th birthday. May he inspire more of us to do our bit in these times of crisis.

What do you think about Moore’s initiative? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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