Meet Jordan: The adorable theiving cat!

Image Source: BJ Ross

Cats are generally known to be proud, bossy, sassy, indifferent, and adorable. But have you heard of a cat being a thief?

Meet Jordan, a six pound black and white feline, that loves to steal! And it has, until now, collected an entire fortune that includes around 50 pairs of footwear along with other little stuff.

Image Source: BJ Ross

BJ Ross, its owner from Altoona, Pennsylvania, put a GPS tracker on Jordan to get an idea of where it ventures in the night to get all the loot from. And the owner was surprised to find that there is quite a large territory that Jordan visits. Jordan can walk anywhere between 7 and 8 miles to carry out his burglary.

Image Source: BJ Ross

Ross also installed a camera in the yard to be doubly sure of who the thief was. And yes, Jordan was caught red-handed in the act.

So massive was Jordan’s loot that Ross created a Facebook page to make amends for the cat’s behavior and return the stolen belongings back to their rightful owners!

“If y’all know my cat Jordan, y’all know he loves to bring me home shoes!” the cat’s owner wrote in the group, which is called ‘Jordan The Feline Cat Burglar’.

The group’s description says, “If y’all know my cat Jordan. Y’all know he loves to bring me home shoes!!!!! Yes you read it. This tiny little cat drags me home one, two, three shoes. Every night!! Last year, he brought me dead mice, live snakes, dead and live birds, garbage including an empty chip bag and a rubber glove. This past January I started noticing shoes would show up in my yard. I thought nothing of it and would throw them away. As this progresses over the months, my mom suggested I keep the shoes to find the owners. Well. 37 shoes later, I have no idea where he gets them. I put a gps tracker in him last night and thought….. he deserves his own group!!!! Thanks for following Jordan. Let’s make him famous!!!!”

The group has over 13,000 members and Jordan, despite his antics, has become pretty much a hero, garnering a massive fan base.

And we also cannot help but fall in love with Jordan! What do you think about this adorable burglar? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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