Meet Baker, the adorable dog that dances when it’s dinner time!

Have you met Baker Barnes yet?

Baker is an adorable golden retriever from San Diego. Like most other dogs, Baker enjoys carrots and a good swim. However, Baker’s most favorite thing is dinner time! He is so fond of dinner that he breaks into an adorable jig with excitement to celebrate his meal!

A video of Baker dancing at the sight of his food was shared on the social media page of the very popular ‘We Rate Dogs.’ Not surprisingly, it went viral and netizens could not stop gushing over the slick moves of this talented dog.

“This is Baker. He dances when it’s dinner time. 14/10 top-tier tippy taps,” wrote ‘We Rate Dogs’ while sharing the video.

Along with the antics of Baker, the comments of various netizens on the post were also hilarious.

One compared Baker’s moves to those of Michael Jackson:

Here is another funny one:

What do you think of these amazing moves by Baker? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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