Lauren French Asked Her Housemate To Look After Her Plants For A Couple Weeks And Found This

Lauren French, when booking a trip for the Atlantics, knew that she needed somebody to take care of her plants. To attend to her plants, she chose to go with Jack, her housemate. She knew Jack as a very funny and thoughtful person, a person apt for caring for her plants.

“We are four people who live together, I and the other two people have been living together since past five years,” said Lauren. “While on the other hand, I have known Jack for few years but he moved only a few months back”, she added.

Image Courtesy: Lauren French

After a few days, Lauren French received few snaps from Jack hilariously showing how he is taking care of her plants.

Source: Lauren French
Source: Lauren French/Twitter
Source: Lauren French/Twitter
Source: Lauren French/Twitter

Lauren received these picture three days after she left her home. “I got a message from him saying that he is taking care of the plants as I asked,” said Lauren. “Jack is a very funny guy and is always making everyone laugh. In the morning if I’m in the shower when he wakes up, he will leave the coffee cup by my bedside.”

Lauren had five plants in total and Jack surely made sure that they all get the attention and love required when she was not around. Here are a few responses on Twitter:

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Don’t we all want a friend like Jack in our lives? Let us know in the comments below!

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